Why the GetAroundKnee?

GetAroundStryker’s single-radius knees have been used in more than 1 million knee replacement surgeries worldwide since 1996. Single-radius knees are designed to work with the body to promote natural-like circular motion.1-3 Single radius means that as your knee flexes, the radius is the same, similar to a circle, potentially requiring less effort from your quadriceps muscle.4

The lifetime of any device is limited and depends on several factors like weight and activity level. The GetAroundKnee is designed to resist wear by using advanced bearing surfaces.5 The bearing surface is the place where the 2 parts of the knee glide together throughout motion. The bearing surface technology in the GetAroundKnee has demonstrated a lower wear rate in laboratory testing, which may result in a longer-lasting implant.5

Why Stryker?

As a global leader in the development of orthopaedic products and services, Stryker is committed to researching and developing new ways to address patient's needs—including introducing new materials that make replacement joints feel and act more like the natural joint. We bring patients and physicians products that make orthopaedic surgery and recovery simpler, faster, and more effective.

Our focus on quality, technology, and research is why surgeons rely on Stryker for the products they need to help their patients improve function, reduce pain, and return to their activities of daily living. And, we are dedicated to the principle of "responsible science," so you can be sure that our products and procedures are fully tested and clinically proven to help patients lead more active lives.


Fred Funk

"As a professional golfer, my career requires me to be active on a daily basis . . . out but back in 2009, unbearable knee pain almost caused me to step away from the game I love. Not only did knee pain affect my ability to compete professionally, it impacted my ability to enjoy life. After careful consideration with my doctor, I made the decision to have my knee replaced at the end of my 2009 golf season. Since receiving my GetAroundKnee, I've been able to get back to enjoying life. I have even been able to return to the high level of golf performance I had enjoyed. Be sure to talk to your doctor to find out if the Stryker GetAroundKnee is right for you. It's the right knee for me."

– Fred Funk
   Professional Golfer
   Stryker GetAroundKnee Recipient

   Learn more about Fred and his GetAroundKnee!


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